This page is dedicated to the lesson plans that I have created and implemented along with assignments/projects that I have completed in the past that I find to be useful and interesting. Enjoy! Feel free to leave me feedback on how I can change or integrate my lessons to greater benefit students’ learning!

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Weekly Report- Behavior Weekly Chart (signature required)
Hammurabi’s Code- DBQ PowerPoint
Chapter 8 SS Notes- Example of notes presented to students for focus on informational text
Conference Reminderr- this is a simple form that I created to remind parents of conferences- good for paper trail
Grammer Flash Cards- 6th grade curriculum, grammar practice flashcards for students to copy onto flashcards

PGP – Professional Growth Plan — 11/2012 Based on first two months of working in 6th grade

NOTES ON PGP: After implementing these for the first time, the 6th grade team and I have met multiple times to figure out what worked and what didn’t quite work.  Listed in the PGP are the benefits to using the data notebooks, which I would recommend to any teacher at any level of learning.  Students love to chart/graph their own progress and information as they progress.  Once they are able to visually see their progress and keep track of it on a daily/weekly basis, they seem to take more pride and care in the work that they accomplish.  With it being the first year that I have personally ever used these, and it being my first year working with 6th grade students in a full classroom environment, was quite the struggle to me.  The most important aspect of using the data notebooks is in the consistency of use.  Plan a reasonable time each week or daily to meet as a whole group or individually (you will want to meet individually once a week) to input the new data and to see the progress that is being made by the student.  The hardest part for me was that I tried to document too much data at first with the students.  It’s important to introduce one piece at a time, or a few pieces that are related to each other to begin with.  It’s a time consuming process, and sometimes impossible if you do not have ideal behaviors in the classroom.  I found it difficult to control the other 20 students in the room to even meet one on one with a student to review the notebook, so I had to find other ways/time to conference.  For the most part, I used time each week (twice a week for me), in the computer lab for their Success Maker curriculum that they were required to use every day.  This was a forty minute period that the student was paced by the program, to work on Math and Reading, usually twenty minutes for each.  I could usually meet with four students per forty minute session AT FIRST, but then I was required to meet with them in large and small groups to input the data.  I feel that the next year of using the data notebooks will prove to be more successful with the experience.

(I will soon be uploading all the documents that we have used in the data notebooks.  Please feel free to reflect on these documents, share if you have used the same, your opinion on how they could be better etc.).

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